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How To Have Affordable Contemporary Interior Designs?


What could be the most affordable way to get the interior design look you want without the high cost?

Popular belief says, that unless you;
1. Have lots of resources to experiment, or you

2. Are the enthusiastic “Do-It-Yourselfer”, or you

3. Are skilled in the art of Architecture and Interior Designing…


Buying a “Do it Yourself” guide would be the best way to run through the grind. And that could prove more expensive for you in the long run, particularly if you happen to be the owner.
For Interior designs are expected to be Aesthetic and Contemporary to help you add value to your life and your home. And though “Do it Yourself” interior design ideas might fit within your budget, and balance the practicality of your unique situation, they might still lack the fresh, enthusiastic, and experienced touch of a professional Interior Design Services firm like Ashwin Architects Bangalore.


A “Do it Yourself” grind could become complicated for the decision maker at times. Take a basic example of picking paint colors that would stand up for your layout, endure the wear and tear of your lifestyle habits, or take a bit of both. Arriving at the right decision to the point of procurement for great prices could by itself be an invaluable resource exhaustion exercise.


Looking for top interior designs in Bangalore? – http://www.ashwinarchitects.com/ppc/Interior-Designers-Bangalore.html

At such junctions, expert consultancy of interior design services team at Ashwin Architects can work the magic. They can help youspin the space you have to evolve into the dream space would like it to be.

Ashwin Architects Interior designs can transcend your home office interiors from a purely utility based layout to a more aesthetic and contemporary designer space. Where your interior design space will be maximized for the “Go Green” element of design and yet create that strong social impact you desire.

Ashwin Architects Interior Design Services provide a solution to fit your specific requirements. The design team has a wealth of experience in the Home Office Commercial Building industry. And have been providing contemporary interior design ideas in addition to creating beautiful spaces across the landscape of Bangalore.

Each interior design option provided by the expert architect and his team is reliant on a through research on the lifestyle of its owners and inhabitants. They also take into consideration the scale and volume of work, the amount of specialist design required and execution services you require from Ashwin Architects.


So getting the Best and the Most Affordable Interior Designs is now increasingly possible, isn’ it?

Since 2003 Ashwin Architects’ Interior Design Services have acted as interior design consultants for Commercial Developments as well as Independent Home projects in and around Bangalore.

And if you are Thinking of New Home | Office but not sure how to start, you may like to Consult with Architect Ashwin A for an Experts Opinion.

Or watch the Ashwin Architects Storyboard on – http://www.facebook.com/bangalore.architecture

Contact to explore opportunities with expert insights on New Home | Office construction, Interior Designing, Turnkey Construction Management Services and more.

Company Name – Ashwin Architects Bangalore

Address – #23, Ratnavilas Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Phone – (+91)-(80)-26612520

Email Id – architects.bangalore@yahoo.in

Source – http://www.ashwinarchitects.com/blog/how-best-to-have-affordable-and-yet-contemporary-interior-designs/Image

Promotional Products – Private Label Hand Wash

Promotional Products – Private Label Hand Wash


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About Us


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Looking for the Best Architects In Bangalore?
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Get a live perspective of beautiful Houses and Apartments designed by Ashwin Architects in and around Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

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Seeing is believing. Come and see some of Ashwin Architects acclaimed works in home architecture and house plans.

See beautiful Independent bungalows, Small plot houses, Duplex homes, South facing homes, Residential complexes and more…Contact now!


Meet Ar. Ashwin A. P. Discuss your lifestyle requirements,
get expert insights into the latest in Modern Architecture.

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Home owners looking for reasonable interior designs are usually worried about wooden flooring, wardrobes and general makeover stuff.

But interior designs India are not just interior decoration. It also means adding extra rooms, design – add – remove wall space to create a comfortable and relaxed space for inhabitants to live and/or work in.

Special Offer: Download e-Show: http://www.fabions.com/business/best-architects-in-bangalore/

Serving clients from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, NRIs from US, UK, Middle East countries

House Dat! Interior Designs India

Like this Guest Room Interior Design by Ashwin Architects

Increasingly, trends in Interior designs India are growing towards contemporary styles with perspective of traditional Indian characteristics. From house interior designs to restaurants, spas, public spaces and offices, vibrant colors and mindful textures are doing up spaces in every innovative forms.


Luxurious Interior Designs in India by Ashwin Architects

Textures ranging from a range of woods are being used in fixtures, screens, roof and wall elements. Marble tiles and specially crafted masonry walls with deep vibrant hues are creating a series of styles that are reminiscent of the very colorful and traditional local cultures.

Trendy Baskets For Interior Designs India

Beautiful hand woven Indian baskets have been popular since long as interior design accessories. Hand crafted by tribals from wide spread heartlands of india, these baskets can be some of the best accessories for your new house interiors. And if you can’t lay your hands on some of these wonders, you can buy online and in stores that sell chic, rustic and country style interior decorating accessories.

Interior Designs India – For Contemporary Attitude.

Thanks to excellent architecture styles that are tailored to custom requirements, innovative interior designs too are taking firm ground. At Ashwin Architects, special focus is on utilizing the available space and create the best contemporary designs.

Few Changes For Interesting Influences In Interior Designs

Contemporary Look Interior Designs India

  1. Lighting. Try making some changes in the lighting of your rooms and see how it transforms the décor. Latest launches in LEDs and CFLs are making these very changes energy efficient and a real new way to give your home a complete new look.
  2. Wall Colors. A little experimentation with the colors of your house walls can also work wonders. Little changes in some parts of selective walls can bring a new look to respective rooms and the house on a whole. Like coloring one of the walls in a room with dark paint and keep other walls of lighter shades.
  3. Natural Stone. Keep some artifacts made of Natural stone at strategic locations in your house. Even slates made of natural stones can be used for roofing of your house. So can the fine textures of granites and marbles be used to make flat surfaces and fireplaces more beautiful.
  4. Candles. Aromatic candles are hardly expensive and can be found commonly in home furnishing stores and online outlets. They come in various decorative designs, scented forms, as decorative columns and create perfect homely atmosphere.
  5. Decorative Rugs & Mats. They make for beautiful interior designs in India. Rugs are Environmentally Friendly and come is some classic designs. Rugs offer the best interior design at affordable costs giving the spaces a traditional as well as contemporary look.


Ashwin Architectsis the name for Interior and Architectural services. The firm commenced its operations to “bridge the divide” between the buildings spaces emerging in the urban setup, and the peoples’ perception about that space. Attention to develop meaningful interface between people and their surroundings in an efficient way, helps them to offer eco-friendly and contemporary designs for residential & commercial spaces. Please feel free to contact Mr. Ashwin Ananth with your queries on architecture, house plans, interior design and vastu compliant home designs.


Company Name: Ashwin Architects

Contact Person: Mr. Ashwin

Address: No. 23, Ratnavilas Road, Basavangudi, Bengaluru – Karnataka-560 004 (India)

Phone No: +(91)-(80)-26612520

Mobile No: +(91)-9845605777

E-mail: info@ashwinarchitects.com

Website: http://www.ashwinarchitects.com

Source: http://www.ashwinarchitects.com/blog/house-dat-interior-designs-india/

You can be more hands on for your project on interior designs India. Like doing your own shopping. And you can scout for contractors who can full-fill assorted tasks.

But a skilled professional will give the much required sense of proportion. Like how big your sofa could be and what could be the best color pizazz, and so on…

So if you are looking for some contemporary Interior Designs India, add Ashwin Architects to your list. Contact them today.


Kamath Residency Resort near Mumbai offers Exciting Getaway Packages for all round year fun and merriment. Situated amidst 5 Acres of Lush Greenery, this resort boasts of some of the best Picnic places, Adventure Sports, Sightseeing places in this part of the country.


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Visit Kamath Residency Resort near Mumbai and explore some stunning weekend getaways around Mumbai. Visit tourist places of historic significance, famous Alibaug Beaches near Mumbai and detox with some thrilling adventure activities near Mumbai.

Thrilling Holiday Destinations from Kamath Resorts Near Mumbai

Enjoy 365 Days of Fun at Kamath Residency Resorts Near Mumbai Pune.

  • One Day Picnic Places
  • Adventure Picnics For Schools Colleges Corporate Teams
  • Exciting Holidays – White Water Rafting, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, more…

Best Resorts Near Mumbai for Adventure Sports

Come explore the unexplored amidst lush green nature, get rejuvenated. Enjoy fun adventure activities, outdoor sports, wide range of facilities and tourism packages. One Day Adventure Picnics – 1N/2D Packages – Group Packages – School Camps

Best Family Resorts Near Mumbai

Experience some great holiday packages for your entire family, just 2 hours from Mumbai or Pune. Come enjoy this all inclusive family resort near Pune, situated amidst lush green landscape and elegant atmosphere. Family Picnics – Overnight Stay – Entertainment


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Ideal Resorts Near Mumbai For Corporate Events

This resort near Mumbai is one of the most preferred, One-Stop-Offsite for Corporate Conferences, Business Meetings, Outbound Training Programs and Team Building Exercises. We can arrange for Faculty, Co-ordinators, Trainers, Travel Desk…

5 Acres Lush Green Resorts Near Mumbai For Events

Located amidst 5 acres of tranquility, just 2 hours from the hustle bustle of Mumbai or Pune, this is the Best Resort for Events. It offers a all desirable provisions for large functions. Summer Camps – Weddings – Dealer Meets – Gatherings…


Refresh yourself by visiting Kamath Residency Resort near Mumbai. Located just a couple of hours drive from Mumbai or Pune, this resort offers 365 Days fun and frolic day and night in the lap of nature with scenic beauty.

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Serving guests from Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Nashik, Goa, Bangalore, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, India


Company Name: Kamath Residency Resort Mumbai Pune


Website: http://www.kamathresidency.com


Address: Mumbai – Goa Highway, 1.5 Km Before Nagothane, District:Raigad, Taluka:Roha, Maharashtra, India


Phone No.:  09869279937 / 09322279937


Email ID: kamath.residency@yahoo.in